It’s not about how OTHERS feel about safe sex, health, what they think is right for them, right for me – or even my sexuality for that matter. It’s about ME and I’ve decided to put myself first.

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How I Put Myself First

  • I choose to know my status with regular HIV, TB & STI screening.
  • I choose Me1st affiliated clinics where the staff put me first.
  • I choose to educate myself on my sexual health and safe sex.
  • I choose to know my rights when undergoing HIV, TB & STI screening.
  • I choose to be on treatment if I am HIV positive.
  • I choose to use a condom every time.
  • I choose to ask my partners if they know their status.
  • I choose to get help for mental wellbeing if I need it.
  • I choose to live judgement free.

What I need to Know to Put Me1st

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