Me1st Movement

The Me1st movement was launched in 2018 in partnership with non-profit organisations in the health care space funded by the Global Fund. Beyond Zero is the new funding prime recipient and is committed to supporting Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and provides access to information and free healthcare that is discreet, confidential, free of discrimination and administered by qualified professionals.

Me1st is about putting your wellbeing above everything else, about living your truth and about living life on your terms. To help MSM maintain their sexual health, Beyond Zero has partnered with clinics across the country that provide 100% confidential and discreet HIV, TB & STI screening in an understanding, judgment-free environment.

Recognising Healthcare

Beyond Zero recognises the need for healthcare facilities that are sensitive to and informed about the needs of MSM. South African MSM face real difficulties in getting healthcare which can put their physical and mental health at risk. Discrimination has a traumatic effect on individuals, and makes them afraid of visiting healthcare providers and clinics which can lead to a lack of safe sex education and HIV status awareness.

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