Below is a list of our past ambassadors, new ones will be announced soon.


Phumlani Kango

Phumlani is a well-known blogger and content creator. His writing has been featured by MTVShuga, Huffington Post, We The Brave, Health4Men, Netflix, lnxeba and Attitude Magazine in the UK, to name just a few. Phumlani actively advocates for sexual and mental health within the LGBTI community, Queer Culture and the use of PrEP.

His contributions to the LBGTI community social media and blogging space led to the inception of #GayLetsTalk and #OpenUpTheIndustry. As a brand ambassador and influencer for the Me1st campaign, Phumlani provides vital information to make sure we gets our facts right, and that we speak to MSM with accuracy and compassion.

You can find out more about him at his blog:


Moshe Ndiki

Moshe Ndiki puts the “HI” in hilarious, an entertainer whose YouTube channel shot him to fame and sees him making fun of himself, local and international celebrities, and everyone in between. Born and raised in East London, Moshe today is known as the witty, honest, punchline-master and entertainer hailing from the Eastern Cape.

With his self-deprecating humour and distinct point of view, he has become a YouTube sensation and TV personality celebrated by Google South Africa and local media. His future plans include uplifting the South African entertainment industry and creating a culture of inclusion for future generations, as he believes that there is a place for everyone in the industry.


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Bonginkosi ‘Bongs’ Ndima

Bongs is a personal trainer, video editor, up-and-coming actor and model. You might recognise him as the Season 7 winner of Tropika Island of the Treasure. Bongs is not afraid to get personally involved in the causes that are close to his heart. A great example of this is the Daredevil Run in support of prostate cancer awareness that will see Bongs running a 5k in nothing but a speedo!

He is passionate about health and fitness, and even more passionate about encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle. Bongs is always around to answer questions on how you can put yourself first by keeping yourself healthy – physically, mentally and sexually!

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Nakhane is an award winning South African musician, author and actor, best known for his role in the film Inexba, and his albums Brave Confusion and You Will Not Die. Nakhane is activist for the LGBTQ community and is an actively outspoken advocate for safer sex and PrEP.

With Nakhane’s name translating to a request to “build each other” and Right to Care’s commitment to providing healthcare access to all South Africans, his endorsement of this campaign is a perfect match. Nakhane believes that despite no longer being based in South Africa following the aftermath of Inxeba, he still has a responsibility to use his platform to raise awareness on important social issues in the country.

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Cedric Fourie

Cedric Fourie is a South African actor best known for acting as Lehasa Maphosa on SABC1 soapie drama Skeem Saam. Cedric has become an influencer in South Africa’s LGBTQ community advocating for gay rights and even hitting back on social media prejudice.

During his childhood growing up in Orlando Gardens near Soweto, Cedric witnessed women being deprived of opportunities because of their gender and members of the LGBTQI community being ill-treated because of who they are, and believes that these are things that need to be corrected in society. Cedric strongly believes in freedom and equality and through his work, wishes to tell stories that will allow people from all walks of life and realities to coexist as equals.

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